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Direct Marketing in Indiana

Hire a Brand Ambassador, Flyer Distribution, and Door to Door Door-Hanger Delivery Team

Indiana's blend of bustling industrial cities and vast agricultural lands presents a unique canvas for direct marketing. In the Crossroads of America, MarketAnywhere's innovative services can help propel your brand into the spotlight from the racetracks of Indianapolis to the shores of Lake Michigan.


Flyer Distribution

Our specialized flyer distribution taps into Indiana's community spirit, ensuring your message is shared from the busy avenues of Fort Wayne to the serene streets of Bloomington.

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Door Hanger Delivery

Utilize the familiarity of Indiana's neighborhoods to your advantage with door hanger deliveries that offer a warm introduction to your brand in places like Evansville and Carmel.


Hire a Brand Ambassador

MarketAnywhere's brand ambassadors can become the face of your brand at Indiana's numerous cultural events and sporting gatherings, fostering personal connections that turn passerby into customers.

Platform Features:

Photo Verification & GPS Tracking

Benefit from real-time updates with our advanced platform. Each campaign is supported by photo verification and GPS tracking, ensuring that you're always in the loop.

Enhancing Your Campaign Reach:


Design Services

Our design team crafts visuals that resonate with Indiana's unique cultural and economic identity, ensuring your campaign strikes a chord with the local populace.


Trade Show Marketing

Position your brand as a leader at Indianapolis trade events with our expert marketing support.


Printing Services

From door hangers to flyers, our printing services ensure your promotional materials stand out in the diverse Indiana climate.


Mobile Billboard Advertising

Navigate Indiana's varied landscapes with our mobile billboards, ensuring your brand captures attention on busy streets and quiet country roads alike.


Coupon Advertising

Join forces with Indiana businesses for shared coupon deals that appeal to the state's value-conscious consumers.


Direct Mail Services

Send a personal message right to the doorsteps of Indiana residents with our targeted direct mail services.

With MarketAnywhere, not only do you get traditional marketing services, but you also get a cutting-edge platform complete with live GPS tracking, photo verification, and QR codes for campaign analytics. Our tools allow you to seamlessly manage and measure the impact of your marketing initiatives across Indiana.

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