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7 Reasons Why You Must Consider Flyer and Doorhanger Marketing to Scale Your Business

What’s This Post About?

A conventional means of getting your message across to your target audience, flyer distribution, and doorhanger distribution provide a tangible marketing of your product. Even today, the distribution of flyers on the doors of the target audience still serves as an incredible promotion strategy, winning hundreds of customers for the companies.

The advent of the internet has largely diverted the focus of marketers to digital platforms. As a result, massive efforts and budgets go into the production of the perfect advertisement to reach the relevant target audience.

Despite this, the integrity of flyer distribution and doorhanger distribution cannot be refuted in today's dynamic world. With so much clutter that we come across the internet every day, we tend to skip the majority of the advertisements and promotions that spring up on our screens, preferring to keep scrolling down. Unfortunately, this makes it quite difficult for companies, especially the newly established brands that have yet to gain recognition in the market, to reach their target audience.

Finding a flyer or doorhanger tied outside your door for your potential customers to view it would provide a physical form to your message. The visual representation of your offering is bound to attract the attention of the audience, and even if they may not aim to avail your offer right away, let alone plan to switch to your brand, there is a high probability that taking a look at your door hanger, they have instilled a certain degree of recall in their minds.

With a door hanger hanging right on your front door, waiting to be noticed by you as you turn the doorknob to enter your house, there is no way it can be ignored entirely. Even if the audience considers the flyer junk, there is a probability that they will give it a glance before discarding it.

Why Use Door Hangers and Flyers?

Distributing flyers door to door offers a range of benefits to a company. Being one of the cheapest and fastest promotional strategies, it ultimately brings about a positive response for the thriving businesses, allowing them to flourish.

#1 Break from the Digital Fatigue

In today's fast-paced world, most consumers do not have sufficient time to go through a video ad or browse through their social media and give your ad a few seconds of viewing unless it seems very enticing.

You might be better able to understand this concept if you've also become a victim of digital fatigue at some point in time. Well, we all go through it very often!

Going through large volumes of emails and digital communications on Facebook and YouTube, you do not want to view another one that just does not seem relevant to you at the point in time.

Getting hold of a flyer or banner physically in front of you seems to be a unique form of communication in today's digitally oriented world. The traditional yet distinct approach tends to offer a feasible option in the midst of a digitally laden world.

#2 Provides a Visual Representation

A visual representation of your offering right in front of the eyes is sure to grab the audience's attention. Whether you're seeking to introduce a revamped menu, market an event, advertise your services, or announce a promotional deal, with your target audience mainly confined to a defined geographical area, flyer delivery is a strongly influential strategy with all the information concretely mentioned.

The tangibility of the message has a greater chance of being responded to rather than one on the billboard that you just drove by, missing out on the essential marks of the communication.

#3 Relatively Inexpensive Marketing Tool

Not all companies or enterprises can afford to assign hefty budgets to their marketing communications. Recognizing the significance of advertising in driving sales and generating revenue, companies operating on a small or medium scale or startups having relatively few location-driven customers consider flyer distribution and doorhanger distribution a viable option.

Not requiring exorbitant sums of money to invest in the marketing campaign, flyer distribution is a highly affordable yet effective promotional method available to gain the attention of the target audience.

Comparing this tactic to Facebook ads, Google Adwords, or Television commercials, you'll realize how incredibly cost-effective flyers are.

#4 Convenience and Timeliness

The trend to produce innovative marketing communications with meaningful content across a range of channels, especially digital platforms, in order for the product to stand out amongst competitors, places the marketers into a constant state of apprehension. Months of planning, preparations, and directions, along with the effort of a huge team, are needed to bring out successful communication.

With distributing flyers, the same purpose of raising awareness and delivering information to the audience can be achieved in a relatively short time - and much less hassle. Marketers could launch their printed flyers within a week and spread their message across.

The fact that digital communications are all the more appealing to the audience, comprising bright visuals, jingles, and tag lines, instilling better recall in the minds of the audience cannot be refuted. Print, however, provides better opportunities for small businesses and enterprises to raise awareness regarding their offering in a short period.

#5 Targeted to a Defined Area

Flyer distribution and door hangers primarily target the houses and offices situated in close proximity to your business site. For instance, if you're offering plumbing services, local food delivery, or conducting an event launch nearby, the people residing in the vicinity would be your utmost priority.

With the sole purpose of providing awareness to the relevant audience, sending your message across to the prospective buyers is vital. Next time somebody is looking for home repair services or getting food delivered from a local restaurant, your exclusive flyer on their doors would make your offer stand out among competitors.

#6 Enables Personalized Attention

With a thorough evaluation of the relevant audience and where they're located, doorhangers are specifically targeted to a particular audience. Unlike direct mail marketing, which is a similar means of communication, doorhangers enjoy the opportunity of standing out and away from a pile of mails, where it may be mingled with junk, failing to get any attention.

The act of physically removing the flyer from the door and putting it away takes away a few precious seconds of the potential customer, as they might read and respond to the call to act. In addition, this exclusivity makes it quite likely that the potential customer would remember you the next time they are looking for your product or service offering.

#7 A Highly Responsive Communication Strategy

Allocating hefty budgets to the marketing strategy, companies aim to receive a positive response and a high ROI. Door hangers are not just a straightforward marketing tactic but have the potential to generate an immediate response rate.

As long as your communication is effectively targeted to the right audience and clearly conveying the message, providing solutions to their relevant needs, there are high chances you may observe an upsurge in sales and customers.

To many companies that pass out flyers, they may not observe an immediate prolific response. However, this is a promising strategy and an effective advertising tool, aiming to secure potential consumers.

Calculating the lifetime value of the new customers for their offering, acquired through distributing flyers, the lasting impact of the approach can be seen. Once they purchase your product and service and are satisfied with it, they would be compelled to make a repeat purchase. In doing so, you're paving a path to create lasting relationships with customers who have converted to your offering.


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