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Why Choosing MarketAnywhere Over USPS for Flyer Distribution Makes Sense

Opting for a flyer distribution company to circulate your ad, announcement, or marketing flyer proves superior to relying on the USPS. The commitment to your success, consistent delivery, cost-effectiveness, and the personalized connection with potential clients are compelling reasons that set flyer distribution companies apart.

A flyer distribution company is invested in your success. The success of your flyer campaign encourages future collaborations, as the company desires a continuous stream of income from satisfied and loyal clients.

Contrastingly, the USPS lacks a vested interest in your business success, as its employees have secure jobs unrelated to your business outcomes. To the USPS, your company and income are just another transaction.

Flyer distribution companies ensure delivery every day of the year, crucial for businesses relying on holiday purchases. Unlike the USPS, which observes numerous holidays, a flyer distribution company can guarantee timely delivery based on your preferences.

The USPS relies on machines to sort all mail, offering no assurance that your carefully crafted flyer will arrive in a readable form. In contrast, flyer distribution companies take pride in hand-delivering your flyer to your targeted audience, establishing a direct connection with recipients that machines cannot replicate.

The cost of USPS delivery continues to rise despite lowered fuel costs, and a flyer distribution company can deliver your message at less than one-third of the USPS cost. This cost-effectiveness allows for more contacts per flyer distribution program and an increased return on investment.

Considering a potential drop in Saturday delivery by the USPS, a crucial day for customer engagement, a flyer distribution company remains a reliable option for Saturday deliveries.

Paying a flyer distribution company ensures on-time delivery, a vested interest in your financial success, cost savings, and a personalized touch that resonates with clients—advantages the USPS fails to offer.


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